Be grateful for who you are

From Hadiqat al Haqiqi of Hakim Sanā’ī Ghaznavi (Persian poet of 12th century)

My friend:
Do not make your life the house of pain
Do not create intolerable memories for yourself
Do not journey into vain
Do not reside at the door of illusion

Leave the impossible to impossible
Find a way to the house of peacefulness and beauty
The eternal universe is at your reach
Do not suffocate yourself in the house of finite

The world is saturated with both beauty and ugliness, with both right and left
All comparative
But we are the children of humanity being led to a journey

Take the steps that lead you to the boundless knowledge
Reach out, and be grateful [for who you are].

Hakim Sana’i was a Persian poet of the 12th century, who has been considered as the first poet using different poetic styles, in his writings, to express philosophical and mystical principles of Sufism. He had great influence on the later Sufi poets including Attar and Rumi.

For more information see:
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