Humans are forever learning about nature and from nature

United Nations Environment Reports

World Wildlife Day on 3 March 2017 is a chance for young people to make their voices heard on the kind of world they want, and need, to inherit from their parents.

Humans are forever learning about nature and from nature. Perhaps that’s because they are part of nature and depend on nature’s ecosystems for their survival.

Did you know that mothers tend to cradle newborn babies on the left? Scientists say this position activates the right hemisphere of the brain, which is involved in functions that help in communication and bonding. According to researchers in Russia, this “bioposition”* is not unique to humans, but is also found in animals.

Did you know that nature’s time-tested designs and processes are inspiring technological innovation? Flies’ eyes have inspired telescope designs; spiders’ webs have been studied to replicate their immense strength, and bush babies have inspired jumping robot designs. The phenomenon is known as biomimicry.**

Excerpt from:
For complete report please visit:’s-celebrate-power-youth-voices
*For “positional bias” visit:
**For “biomimicry” visit:

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